It is already called the next Industrial Revolution or Industry 4. In short, things that we use will be connected to each other through the internet. This connection will allow large amounts of data to be generated, collected, analyzed, and managed through Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve efficiency, productivity and reduce costs and waste. However, these benefits are only the tip of the ice berg of IoT, which will create new value propositions, revenue streams, and new business models.

DTA has decided to be an active player in helping business of the region, be it private, public, or government, transition into the new domain of Iot.

DTA is constantly changing, adapting, and embracing the newest technology tools to serve it’s clients’ needs and goals.

IoT Solutions will

  • Increase the efficiency and productivity

  • Improve the quality of the service/product

  • Reduce cost and waste

  • Create new business opportunities

  • Improve competitiveness

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